• Turning famous fairy tales into outdoor play structures, digital edutainment & fun.

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  • The KOMPAN Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale concept is a revolution in play, truly designed for the 21st century.

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  • Provides children strong educational content, and encourages good social behaviour.

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Play Smart

For the first time ever KOMPAN has built the fascinating themes of fairy tales into outdoor play designs, and combined age-appropriate physical challenges with a full digital package of fairy tales and virtual games supporting learning, edutainment and fun.

The result is a new patent pending product line setting completely new standards for what a playground can offer.

Three Key Elements for SMART PLAYGROUNDTM

Themed Play structure

The colourful themed playground structures have two fairy tales in one product, offering age-appropriate physical challenges for both the younger (1-4) and older (2-8) children. The structures facilitate free, guided and instructed play.

The Fairy Tales

The Little Mermaid, The Ugly Ducking and The Tinderbox are loved by children and adults all over the world. Fairy tales are designed for the child's world and spark role-play and imagination. They contain universal truths and provide moral insights.

Digital Content

By using Apps, downloaded for free to your tablet or smartphone, a link between the physical and virtual world is created. The Apps offer you, on the spot, the popular fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen, to read, or have read out loud in 16 different languages.

More than just for fun.

When designed to really promote child development, playgrounds can significantly improve children's health, learning and social interaction. In fact we see play as nothing short of fundamental to a better life.

Themed Play Structure

  • Facillitate free, guided and instructed play
  • Social inclusion (digital layer gives additional ground level activities)
  • Durable material (steel/plastic), 100% non-wood products (vandalism resistant, wear & tear resistant)
  • Low installation and maintenance cost
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Multiple level play equipment which stretches motor skills. Also available with ADA-staircase

Multiple materials with different tactile qualities

Desks and dens are conducive to creativity

Manipulative elements for cognitive learning and creativity

Themed play to stimulate imagination and creativity

Strong Educational Content

Curriculum relevant learning facilitated by play equipment and Apps.

The Fairy Tales

  • Unite children and adults through a common reference frame - facilitating child/adult interaction.
  • Strong appeal to children. Designed for the “child's world” (in eye height with children).
  • Fairy tales sparks the role play and imagination (kick starts play and interaction for children).
  • Huge storytelling appeal - Sparks active use of language (keeps the play going on and on).
  • Add educational content to play.
  • Digital Games

    Read along

    The Little Mermaid, The Ugly Duckling and The Tinderbox are available to read or have read out loud in 16 languages. Adults can read along with children and initiate discussion about the moral lessions in the tales.

  • Digital Games

    Play along

    HCA Play Along Toddler Game - Age 1-4. Toddlers tap the screen in time to music.

  • Digital Games

    Tale run

    HCA Tale Running Game - Age 4+. Based on the popular running game mechanism popular on the app market, fairy tale characters sprint and avoid obstacles.

  • Digital Games


    Pic-2-Word Language Game - Age: 3-8+. Children match words to pictures or vice-versa.

Digital Games

You can download the thrilling app via the QR code book dotted around the playground facade. You can also download them from free on the App or Store.

The app offers:

  • Augmented reality
  • Fairy tale read-along
  • Learning supported games
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Multi-dimensional Playground


  • Parents and teachers can also facilitate and guide play. They can encourage them to re-enact, role play and carry out learning activities.
  • The downloadable 'SMART PLAYGROUNDTM Teachers Guide' includes a range of interactive games that further improve children's learning including reading, speaking, listening and writing.
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